KENSINGTON Palace, breaking news about KATE MIDDLETON.

KENSINGTON Palace, breaking news about KATE MIDDLETON.

Kate Middleton (42 years old) is going through difficult times, from a medical point of view. The Princess of Wales was diagnosed with cancer, and doctors advised her not to be actively involved in public life.

She is under treatment, and her health, being fragile, prevents her from taking part in certain events in which members of the Royal House of Great Britain are involved. The doctors came with new news for Prince William’s wife. Here are the details below.

Kate Middleton is forced to focus on her own health. The 42-year-old Princess of Wales was diagnosed with a serious illness, namely cancer, and on March 22, 2024, she revealed to everyone, through a video published on the Internet, what she is going through.

Because her health does not allow her, and the doctors were firm in this regard, the Princess of Wales is advised not to be actively involved in public life.

Since Prince William’s wife spoke about her diagnosis, she has rarely been seen in public. For example, there is an image of the Princess of Wales circulating in the public space, but which was created with the help of Artificial Intelligence. The image of A.I. it quickly went viral, and there’s a powerful message behind it.

The Princess of Wales would like to take part in “Trooping The Colour”, the event dedicated to King Charles, but is advised by doctors not to get involved in public life. The event will take place on June 15, 2024.

On the other hand, Prince William’s wife should have fulfilled her role as Colonel of the Irish Guards. However, the state of health will not allow this aspect.

Public records show Middleton will be replaced by Lt. Gen. James Bucknall. Kensington Palace confirmed on May 30 that the Princess of Wales “will not officially be taking part in rehearsals on June 8,” reports The Mirror.

Something that gave everyone something to think about. Kate Middleton’s health may be more precarious than it says. King Charles will not follow the normal schedule of this event either.

The Princess of Wales is going through difficult times after receiving the doctors’ diagnosis. Here is part of the message sent by Kate Middleton.
“We hope you will understand that as a family we now need time, space and privacy while I complete my treatment.

My work has always brought me a deep sense of joy and I look forward to returning when I can, but for now I need to focus on a full recovery. To all who are dealing with this disease in any form, please don’t lose faith or hope. You are not alone,” Kate Middleton said.


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