Flight attendant finds secret note in airplane toilets that reads “I need help” – immediately calls police

Flight attendant finds secret note in airplane toilets that reads “I need help” – immediately calls police

Story of the day: “I am a flight attendant and I was on the plane, at work, when I saw a 15-year-old girl next to an older man. I talked to them. Then, I felt that something was wrong. He was well dressed, while she was poorly dressed.” Here’s what the woman did.

Many people enjoy flying because it’s usually associated with fun trips. However, not everyone feels the same.

Sheila Fredrick, a flight attendant with years of experience, is accustomed to handling difficult situations with passengers. However, she never anticipated witnessing something truly life-altering during a flight from Seattle to San Francisco.

While on the plane, she saw something strange – a blonde girl in worn-out clothes sitting beside an old man in fancy clothes. Walking past them, Shelia caught the girl’s gaze. The piercing look made her feel a sudden sense of urgency.

Sheila thought to herself that the girl gave off a strange vibe. She noticed the stark contrast in clothing between the girl and the boy, which made her wonder if something was wrong.

Shelia attempted to have a conversation with the man, but he quickly became defensive. She began to suspect that something was wrong.

Initially, I felt that something was not right. The boy sitting beside him seemed much younger, and he responded aggressively to any nearby activity. I’m glad I could swiftly step in and rescue a life.

After a short time, she went to the bathroom and left a pen and paper there. She wished that the girl would utilize them in case she required assistance.

Shelia motioned for the girl to use the restroom as they passed by. The girl stood up and headed to the restroom.

Sheila came back and found a message saying, “I require assistance.”

She quickly contacted the authorities. When the plane landed, the police were prepared to apprehend the man.

The 14-year-old girl was discovered to be a victim of human trafficking. She had been abducted just two months earlier.

Nancy Rivard, a former flight attendant, founded Airline Ambassadors International to educate flight attendants on recognizing human trafficking indicators.

After finding this girl, Shelia underwent training from them to enhance her future clarity.

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